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Garlic and its inevitable health benefits


So, every time common cold and cold-related allergies attack me and, here my major problem is coughing, I physically chew one or two garlic. The result is awesome. Within few seconds of swallowing, the throat stop itching.

Garlic is among the few plants that is universally accepted to treat various medical conditions: Photo / Courtesy

Unlike tablets, which may take minutes or hours before it works, garlic works instantly and you could feel the ‘miracle’ role it plays almost immediately.

On the contrary, not everyone enjoys the taste – strong spicy flavour. For some people, the smell alone is a turn-off.

In this category, I have a friend who, after smelling the garlic which happens to be my source of medications, almost throws out simply because he cannot stand the strong smell.

Unfortunately, such people will never enjoy the health benefits of the plant.

Universally accepted

Garlic is among the few plants that is universally accepted to treat various medical conditions. It has been in use in the past when modern medications weren’t widely consumed.

From scientific to religious, garlic’s medicinal properties are backed with numerous hadiths complimenting its health features and how its treats different ailments. Hadiths are saying of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

Numerous studies were conducted which also supports the health significance played by the plant.

Having exhausted the major support the plant is getting in terms of health advantages, let’s reveal some of the conditions and diseases it helps cure.

In this regard, we concentrate on its compound and how it reduces the medical conditions.


We know the role played by minerals in our bodies in preventing diseases and improving the immunity.

Some of the common minerals are manganese, vitamins; vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, calcium and potassium.

Fight germs

Garlic strengthens the body to fight disease causing germs. Conditions like common cold, when the plant is used, lessens. Studies projects that garlic reduces the impact of common cold by 70 percent if used.

Controls blood pressure

Garlic if regularly used, according to past studies, improves regulation of blood pressure.

Research conducted on the plant reveals that taking an average of 1000 mg of garlic is equivalent to a person taking the blood pressure tablet, Atenolol.

Additionally, it is recommended that you increase the intake of garlic when the pressure condition is at the earlier stage but once the pressure is high, taking medication is the better option.

Reduce heart condition

We have the bad cholesterol called the “LDL” and through consumption and use of garlic, it is easily prevented. Triglyceride is fats, along with the cholesterol, affects the normal functioning of the heart.

The plants, with its medical properties, reduces the impacts of such fats and bad cholesterol.

Fights memory loss

Mental fitness is yet another vital role played by garlic. It improves brain memory and reduces conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer, a contributing factor of memory loss.

Since memory issues are among the old population, aged individuals should make use of these benefits of the garlic.

Muscle building

Forget about using muscle strengthening supplements and go for garlic before or after hitting the gym. As much as it helps activeness, it also enhances building of muscles.

Traditionally, Greeks had the habit of giving athletes garlic to improve their performances.


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