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Unfaithfulness in marriage? Counselling is the solution

those who cheat in marriage are mostly likely to be having a cheating partner as well: Photo / Courtesy

Sometimes back, 22-year old man was sentenced to 50 years imprisonment by a Narok court after he was found guilty of killing a friend.

The accused man allegedly committed the crime after the friend was found having an affair with the man’s wife.

Due to its widespread, infidelity reports in the media has become very common nowadays. This is not just in Kenya but all over the world. Newlywed couples, in most cases, find themselves in similar situation.

The elephant in the room is, what motivates faithlessness?

AfyaSmile Kenya sought to establish the possible reasons of infidelity by incorporating public views.

Sex is basic need

According to Maslow, a psychology scholar, sex is categorized as basic need. A marriage without sex or sexual satisfaction is more likely to fall.

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Probably this is the reason as to why Okello feels that lack of sexual satisfaction is driving many couples out of their matrimonial beds.


Attention in marriage forms the basis of understanding. It is thoughtfulness that one will feel special and loved.  It is deprived off, the whole perception of commitment will change.

For Lynette, attention is everything in marriage. She adds if the husband doesn’t show signs of compassionate or he is negligent, she won’t find it a big deal to seek for the missing gap elsewhere.

“If I am married and my husband don’t show signs of loving or he is careless, I would look for what am missing elsewhere”, she sums up the whole issue of infidelity.


Duncan, on the other hand, says that those who cheat in marriage are mostly likely to be having a cheating partner as well. He adds that some people cheat as a way of retaliating.

“Once you cheat and caught you should be worried if your partner does not quarrel. He or she may decide to utilize this chance to settle the scores by equally cheating”.

Impact of infidelity also stretches to the children especially if it ends through divorce and separation. Commonly, most domestic violence is contributed by such scenario- lack of trust among couples.

Cheating is not a diseases that scientist should be looking for its cure. It is something that we can manage voluntarily by sticking to personal morals and ethical guidelines.

Seeking for counseling from marriage professionals will help resolve the negative effect that comes with it. Listen to experts advisors for better solution.

By Joseph Macharia


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