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New Ebola outbreak confirmed in Congo


Few weeks ago, a group of World Health Organization (WHO) Doctors without Borders were sent to Congo after the Congolese government declared a new outbreak of Ebola.

The cases were confirmed in the country’s northwest, Bikoro. After sending five samples to the country’s capital, Kinshasa, two of them came back positive on May 3.

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According to the WHO and the Congo government, there were 21 reported cases of hemorrhagic fevers including 17 deaths in the Ikoko Impenge area.

Ministry of health later on notified the capital.

From 1976, Congo has experienced a total of nine Ebola outbreaks with most recent one occurring May 2017.

It was quickly contained and declared over in July the same year.

The country’s minister of health, Oly Iunga told the press that a nurse had passed on at a hospital near Ikoko Impenge due to the suspected infection and three others receiving treatment from the hemorrhagic fever.

Dr. Serge Ngalebato told the Associated Press earlier that they had isolated the patients who showed signs of the fever.

“There are no deaths yet, but all of the sick are presenting signs of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and intense fatigue”, said Bikoro Hospital Director.

In 2014, West Africa experienced a large outbreak which spread through Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone leaving over 10,000 people dead.

In many African countries, high alert on the borders are intensified to avoid spreading of the deadly disease.

In a statement by the Kenyan Health Cabinet Secretary, SicilyKariuki, the country is also on high alert on cases of Ebola and precaution measures were taken to ensure Kenyans are safe.

“Following an outbreak of Ebola in DRC, my Ministry of Health Kenya (MOH) is now conducting routine screening of all travelers at JKIA, Busia and Malaba border points.

In these places, we have installed Thermal Guns to detect elevated temperatures”, said Kariuki in the statement.

WHO issued a statement saying it plans to deploy epidemiologists, logisticians, clinicians, infection prevention and control experts, risk communications experts and vaccination support teams in the coming days. It will also provide the needed supplies to those infected.

By George Ogallo

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