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4 best alternative therapy for a better mental health

Therapy helps you understand the root of the problem: Photo / Courtesy

Not everyone can afford therapy. Some of us find it difficult to open up to strangers.

Therapy helps you understand the root of the problem, how to deal with it and aids you to get in touch with your feelings.

However, as good as that sounds, it is not for everyone. These four alternatives can guide your way to better mental Health.


Art is a great way to deal with thoughts and emotions, to put them into a more visible form and understand or get them off our system.

Whether drawing, doodling or writing, art is an expression of our inside world and gives us control of what is inside. Think of poetry, writing, drawing, doodling, and think art.

Novelist Graham Greene once said,

“Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.”

Motivational Podcast

I have heard Success Coach, Terry Savelle Foy say, “What you repeatedly hear, you eventually believe.”

Listen to motivational podcast or faith building messages every day. Whether you are Christian, Muslim or Hindu, build your faith by Push and Play.

Get messages on the area you are struggling with and listen to it every day as you prepare to go to work. Furthermore, habit is a second nature.

This podcast will keep you motivated and renew your mind into thinking about more positive outcomes.

Counter the train of negative thoughts with, “What if this works out?”


Music is a good stress reliever but should not be used as an alternative drug in severe mental disorders and illnesses such as Schizophrenia, autism and bipolar.

Health care providers should be sought in case of severe mental illnesses; they may decide to use a combination of music in the treatments but leave the choice to them.

Music is a least invasive way to feel better and music from one’s culture has been known to be most effective.

Classical music is more relaxing and comforting in comparison to rock music. Try listening to music when you are feeling a bit depressed as it has been linked to moods.

This is because they evoke certain neurological stimulation.


Put it down on paper, understand it. Journaling is a great way of sorting your feelings and thoughts.

A former Twitter manager, Ameet Ranadive, summarized the benefits of personal writing as, “writing clarifies thinking.”

If you want to better apprehend your feelings and viewpoints, journal.  You can turn your journals into art afterwards. Make poems, prose, storytelling doodles etc.

These are the four ways to better your mental space and be productive at the same time. Feel free to add more and better ways and, interact with us in the comment section.

By Serah Nderi


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