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Varsity to suspend medical fee paid by students


Maasai Mara University students will soon be relieved from the burden of paying medical fee which is commonly paid at the beginning of every academic year.

According to a memo sent to students by the registrar academic affairs, Dr. Fredrick Onyango, students will instead register with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) from the May-August 2018 semester.

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“It has been decided that from the May – August 2018 semester, students should register with NHIF.

The University will consequently suspend the medical fee paid by students at the beginning of every academic year so that they can register with NHIF.” Read part of the memo.

The institution came to this decision with the aim of improving the provision of quality health services and expand the domain of existing health care arrangements.

The decision was also reached after putting into consideration the need for equality in providing health services to its students.

“The university has considered the need to provide quality and equitable health services to its students, taking into account the government’s health policy that encourages progression towards universal health coverage.”

Dr. Onyango noted that students have to seek for alternative health care when on off-campus activities like teaching practice, attachments, games, drama among others, if one falls ill.

The idea of registering with NHIF in the country has been emphasized by the national government with aim of increasing access to free health care services by the citizens.

President Uhuru already launched Kshs 4.05 billion NHIF comprehensive medical cover that will cater for all students in public secondary schools.

Through this cover, the government is expected to pay a premium of Kshs 1,350 for the 3 Million students in public secondary schools.

Providing universal health care is one of the big four agenda set aside by the government.

NHIF registers all eligible member in formal and informal sector over the age of 18 years with a monthly income of over Kshs. 1000.

Retirees and people in the informal sector are expected to pay a monthly charges of Kshs 500 and their membership is voluntary while those in the formal must be members and the charges depend on their monthly income.

The number of contributors stood at 6.5 million by June last year.

By Joseph Macharia

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