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Why people go for online dating?

People have their personal preference when it comes to online dating: Photo / Courtesy

Last week I was sitting at a bus bay waiting to board one to our rural home in a bid to attend a graduation ceremony party of an old-time friend.

To keep myself busy and to see how the political showdown in our country is trending, I purchased one of the country’s daily newspaper.

Perusing through the pages I came across relationship adverts, people seeking for marriage, giving their personal details.

One of the advert read,

“Am Dave 31 years and looking for a lady aged between 22 – 25 years for a serious relationship leading to marriage. She must preferably come from Uyoma, Asembo, Yimbo, Kisumu, Nyakach, Kano, Rongo, Sondu, only serious ones to call 0772……”

That was one of the advert that attracted my attention as there was quite a number of them in the paper.

Personal preference

Reading through the adverts, it downed on me how people have easily embraced online dating and even post their personal preference in the mass media – newspaper.

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The one billion dollar question in my mind was how people aggressively avoid real-time interaction and alternatively, opt for strangers – people they have no idea about. Very interesting, uh!

To understand people’s view on the subject, I decided to talk to some of them and ask the burning question – possible reasons why people, in their right mind, put advert in the newspapers and even other online platforms seeking for marriage.

Judy in her own opinion feels that some of them are living in a world of fantasy.

“They think that they can get a perfect partner that is with the characteristics they always put when dating online or placing an advert”, she summarizes her judgment.

It makes it easier for someone who is looking for something specific in a partner to find what they are looking for. Ishmael agrees with the whole idea.

He, however, adds that one may find so many preferences that may bring complications in making the right choice later.

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Some like Mannue have long been contemplating about the issue but never came to a satisfactory reason as to why people do this.

Shy to express love

Christine on her side says that some people are so shy to express themselves to that close person whom they feel that they really want to fall in love with.

Low self-esteem and especially fear of physical rejection makes them opt for online dating where they will first know each other well before scheduling for a first date.

She further feels that majority of those who go for online dating have at one time been rejected and feel that the same will happen if they began with a real-life person.

When dating online or meeting a person for the first time, it is advisable to be extra careful.

Conman and fraudsters, in some cases, take advantage of such situation and end up harming the marriage or love seeker.

If possible meet in a public place where people can see you.

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In 2015, Daily Mail reported a British woman who was conned a whopping Kshs 4 Million by her Kenyan lover whom they had only meet through an online dating site.

By Joseph Macharia


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