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6 types of women you should never marry


Leaving behind progeny is pertinent aspect of marriage life but it starts with getting married to the right woman.

Regrettably, some women mistook family management to holding their men in a tight corner: Photo / Courtesy

As much as we value beauty, we should select a good mother for the kids – a role model to the society.

As a general rule, choosing a motherly figure is a luxury for many. Although certain characters cannot be predicted, the lady you intend to marry should not posses these six qualities:

Frequent sickness

It is common understanding that women, unlike men, are prone to several medical conditions due to their nature.

Menstrual flow and pregnancy hugely contributes to mood change and general body weakness.

The kind of woman am talking about here is the constant patient. Bigger percentage of her condition is concocted sickness.

A local Somali proverb says ‘people hate sickness and begging’. If not her head spinning, her back is aching terribly or malaria is taking toll on her.

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Ironically, such woman is activated by tittle-tattle from other female colleagues. Be warned getting associated with her even in your dreams.

Manipulating lady

Giving is an act of virtue and, as we have been told, it blesses us more. The second character is the manipulating woman.

If the man is not working there is no harm for the wife to intervene financially but if she controls the husband for the offer she makes, it generates discord.

Never marry such bragging woman lest you be the ‘new topic’ to be discussed in the neighbourhood.

This shouldn’t be misunderstood for hardworking career woman, married to the lazy born man – tossing in the bed day in day out.

Forever on the move

Family connection is a blessing and strengthens any marriage. Either as individual or jointly, visiting parents is nice and lovely initiative.

In this category, we have women who, on regularly basis, go to their parent’s house at the expense of the husband and children.

As the manager of her home and taking care of the humongous responsibility, a good wife balances between home and family ties.

She cannot be at her mother’s house when the man is at home expecting her presence. This shouldn’t be misunderstood for the woman taking care of her family members as norm dictates.


Like mother like daughter. Families ought to bring the best in their children, especially girls; future wives and mothers. Another kind of woman to avoid is the frequent backbiter.

Just envisage listen to her badmouthing her immediate family members – father and mother without any slight indignity left. She will, shamelessly, speak unprintable words against her siblings.

If i may ask, is there guarantee sooner or later that she won’t be revealing your weakness to gossipers?

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Live your life and let other people do so. Unfortunately, such spitefulness will shape the children badly.

So rampant is her slander that neighbouring children avoid her like plague.

Wallet drier

Whether male or female, we should be cutting out coat according to our clothes. Another detestable trait is the imitator and wallet drier kind of a wife.

What is the relation between you and the items owned by the neighbour? These are new designer dresses, sofa sets, mobile phones or even curtains.

This woman want to benefit from everything the neighbour enjoys without assessing your ailing wallet.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman but not her type. With such poor resource manager, my brother, stress is on the offer.

Lets us not misconstrue such attribute for the selfish wealthy guy reluctant to support his wife.

The dictator

Marriage life, many will agree, calls for sharing different aspect of life – agony and happiness.

Being mature people, speaking about issues affecting the immediate family doesn’t include control and manipulation.

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Regrettably, some women mistook family management to holding their men in a tight corner. Human is susceptible to error and forgiveness is inevitable.

Husbands are suffering in the hands of dictator wives. Imagine a situation where you are stressed up when going home just because the controller is ready with bundle of questions.

Don’t misinterpret this category for the man who dash from his responsibility, leaving everything to the wife.

By now am expecting you to pray for a god-fearing and responsible woman.

If you have married already, help her by all means, to quit these despicable traits. Ultimately, before seeking for the right woman, become the right man. I rest my case here.


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