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Poison board warns on fake anti-snake venom drugs


Months after the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) issued an alert for falsified anti-malaria drugs being sold in the market, another warning on anti-snake venom has been released.

When one gets bitten by a snake they may first experience redness, swelling which may lead to severe pain in the area: Photo / Courtesy

The board is warning the public to be vigilant over fake anti venom being sold over-the-counters making the drugs easily accessible.

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On a statement issued to the news rooms, the board announced the existence of these expensive drugs, going for Ksh20, 000 in some places


“Members of the public are cautioned from buying or using such fake anti-snake venom being peddled by some crooks purporting to be genuine drug,” the board warned in their statement.

One of the drugs ‘Puff Udder‘ 3ml lot No 000697, manufacture date: 09-2015 and the expiry date, 09-2022.

The drug is purported to be manufactured by SANOG AVENTUS in Italy and the site to this manufacturer doesn’t exist anywhere online.

The other drug is ‘AntVenon’ which was found without a designated manufacturer, dosage and even instructions for usage.

In the month of October last year, Research and Innovation committee had found AntVenom to be among the falsified anti-snake venoms on sale in number of countries.

Members of the public, health workers, health facilities such as chemist and pharmacies are being asked to be vigilant.

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Should anyone come across any of these fake drugs you should contact the board through their number 0720608811 or mail on (info@pharmacyboardkenya.org / www.pv.pharmacyboardkeny.org.)

Board’s role

The PPB is the only sole protector public health by regulating the profession of pharmacy and ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of medical products and health technologies.

The board is the drug regulatory authority established under the pharmacy and Poisons Act Cap 244 laws of Kenya.

The PPB officials assisted by police officers had earlier arrested one person in Kajiado and intercepted at least 60 doses being vendored in the area.


He will later be taken to court and charged with obtaining money by false pretense, possession of unregistered medicine contrary to the pharmaceutical laws.

At least 15 people are suspected to die daily as a result of snake bites in the country.

Symptoms of snake bites

When one gets bitten by a snake they may first experience redness, swelling which may lead to severe pain in the area.

This may take up to an hour to appear followed by vomiting and sight trouble. Most bites are on the hands arms or legs.

The venom may also result to bleeding, kidney failure, a severe allergic reaction, tissue death around the bite, or breathing problems.

Bites may result in the loss of a limb or to other various chronic complications.

The outcome depends on the type of snake – since some are more venomous than others, the health of the bitten victim – whether he or she is a child or an adult, the area of the body bitten and the amount of venom injected into the body.

By George Ogallo

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