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Why goat milk is recommended for HIV victims

Goat milk has selenium a trace mineral that is very commonly deficient in the human body: Photo / Courtesy

HIV/Aids victims who are used to taking antiretroviral drugs (ARV) at some time in life discovers that the ARV drugs are not effective.

The ineffectiveness of the drugs can be attributed to the body developing some resistance to one or more ARV drugs.

This can be resolved by stopping intake of the ineffective medicine and taking up a new combination.

The HIV virus mutates (changes in form) making it resistant to drugs.

Failure to recognize this may make the patient grow weaker despite being under medication.

Goat milk

When HIV patient discovers that ARVs are failing to strengthen the immune system hence the body becoming unable to fight infection, milk goat can be a solution to solve this.

According to Livestock Kenya in their publication dated last year (2017), goat milk has selenium a trace mineral that is very commonly deficient in the human body.

Livestock Kenya further discovers that milk goat is the highest source of selenium of any of the milks including human breast milk.

Selenium is necessary in the control of the human immune system and its deficiency has been linked to HIV/Aids and other viral diseases.

Selenium also works directly on viruses preventing them from reciprocating by improving the T cell formation, Livestock Kenya publication further explains.


Intake of goat milk do also increase the number of CD4 cells in the body of a HIV patient.

The number of CD4 counts in the body of a HIV patient drastically falls up to below 100 in some cases when the patient is seriously affected.

CD4 cells are a type of white blood cells that fight infection, also called T-helper cell.

In a normal person the ideal count should be between 400-1600per cubic millimeters of blood.

CD4 count is usually done to measures the number of CD4 cells in a sample of blood.

With the noted benefit of goat milk to HIV, it doesn’t mean that patients should completely stop taking ARVs and in place go for goat milk.

ARVs and milk

The patient should note that ARVs and the goat milk are both important and they do perform different functions in the body and should therefore use them altogether.

ARV drugs suppresses the virus in the body while the milk reduces the multiplication of the virus.

Research to discover the cure for AIDS is still ongoing particularly in developed countries.

Lately there is no cure but patients can stick to ARVs which slow the disease progress as well as preventing secondary infections and complication.

By Joseph Macharia


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