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How to keep your child safe from pneumonia at home this winter


In most cases, summer is followed by winter. When winter hit us, the likelihood of developing some common illness related to cold is high.

Keeping your children warm during winter: Photo / Courtesy

These illnesses include common cold, strep throat and the most dangerous one, pneumonia.

Young children are the most susceptible to these cold-related diseases.

Pneumonia in an irritation of the airspace in the lungs as result of infection by either bacteria or viruses mostly through inhalation. It brings about difficulty in breathing and chest pain.

Global statistics

According to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) report released last year, pneumonia remains the leading infectious cause of death among children under five years.

The organization noted that, globally, nearly 2500 children die in a day. Pneumonia, the report says accounted for approximately 16 percent of the 5.6 million under five-year deaths.

Furthermore, the report adds that in 2016 alone 900,000 children, mostly 2 years old lost their lives to pneumonia

With this shocking data, parents need to ensure that their children are safe.

Apart from vaccination, keeping your child in a warm environment is another healthy tip.

This, therefore, should start from our homes to where the child spends the day.

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The most important thing is ensuring that the child whether indoor or outdoor is wearing heavy clothes.

This will help in trapping the heat being lost from the body and provide warmness.

Warm bedding

It also extends to the bedding such that it maintains adequate warmth especially at night.

The other thing to do is warming up the rooms by shutting windows, doors and curtains if they are not in use. This will prevent cold air from entering the room.

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One can also replace the light curtains in the windows with heavier wool or fleece long curtains.

However, one should again remember to open them on sunny days for free heat circulation.

Parents should also ensure that kids remain indoor during winter, unless they are under watch or attending to crucial duties. This is because children like playing with water. When bathing the child ensure that you warm up the water.

Giving them warm beverages like tea is also important: Photo / Courtesy

Finally, choosing wisely the kind of drinks and foods you give to your little one is equally important.

Foods such as porridge, coffee and ginger are a great source of warmth.

This practice should also be observed for people above the age of 65 years.

Because this group is also vulnerable to the disease. Moreover, everyone is at risk of contracting pneumonia and prevention is better than cure.

By Joseph Macharia


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