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No more stereotyping women on gender roles


What a man can do a woman can do better, right?

The answer depends on your personal perception of gender and cultural foundation.

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In some communities, owing to the modernization and role of techno woman, female do their business separately.

My uncle is an old school who believes gender roles have always been distinct and changing of time hardly affect masculinity and femininity.

As much as certain harmful practices are becoming extinct, the role of women has more to do their natural structure and behavior.

You know running errands the city has never been easy courtesy of an online taxi application, Taxify.

Due to the affordability, we decided to check on one of them. Interestingly, our request was accepted by a woman driver, a situation that remained very rare on our numerous use of the taxi application.

Within few minutes we stood beside the taxi and having a glimpse of the driver, my uncle was surprised to what the city women, in comparison to those outside the capital, can do – a man’s job, he strongly believes.

Being the father of a girl child, it become clear to him that even the soft-perceived human being can, with all the skills and perfection, sit on the wheel and drive!

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Fortunately, it downed on him that having a female on the wheel is a good thing – as much as careful driving is concerned.

The mzee, similarly with most elders, is an extrovert, and immediately stroked a soft-hearted conversation with our female driver, who have been on the road for some time now.

After the normal pleasantries, he challenged her to find out the differences in gender roles particularly in driving.

wacha tuone leo nani anaendesha kazi vizuri wakina mama ama wanaume (let’s see today the difference between women and men in terms of driving), he says, to which she accepted the simple challenge.

She agreed heartily and with minimal traffic jam we reached our destination. That is where he proved the saying ‘what a man can a woman can do same and even better.

This never came as a bombshell for me because most of the argument of the role played by the modern woman is smoothened by time. In some environments and communities, the function of a woman is vividly known – raising offspring and taking care of their men.

Actually, bringing up a family in itself is something unique for the kind-hearted gender.

For me, this is the real meaning of what male colleagues can do, our mothers, sisters, daughters can do hundred times better.

Women of all calibers are acknowledged for empathy and natural motherly figure – we should be applauding them for such irreplaceable trait.

Having eliminated some harmful cultural practices through massive awareness and the failure by masculine members of the society to perform their responsibility, more women folded their sleeves in competing with men, career wise.

Finally, the mzee agreed with the development of the girl child.

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