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According to you, what is health? Here is the actual definition


Health is a person’s mental or physical condition.

Health is not merely absence of diseases but more than that: Photo / Courtesy

According to World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Waking up with a mild headache, general body weakness or increased heartbeat and visiting the nearest health centre doesn’t mean you unhealthy.

Unfortunately, many Kenyans get grasp of the word health only when they are sick.

Component of health

Having said that, what does health entails?

Health involves eating right – that is a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. Health experts recommend drinking average of eight glasses per day.

Eating fruits and vegetables are also encouraged for healthy living: Photo / Courtesy

Additionally, eating fruits and vegetables are also encouraged for healthy living. The later provides hydration for the body.

Ironically, some fruits are sugary, you shouldn’t take much of them. For example, bananas and papaya, contain more sugar.

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On the contrary, consuming excess sugar is unhealthy, it increases the risk of contracting diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Drinking fresh fruits is a healthy living: Photo / Courtesy

In the morning, midday or evening, when taking your routine tea, be mindful of the amount of sugar getting in the cup and ultimately in the body.

Some people on the extreme end, love eating sugar. Be warned, sugar is not your partner when it comes to living a healthy life.

Exercise and workouts

As much as sugar in excess is not good, salt, on the other end, when used much is never healthy.

Cooking oil when taken with food in abundance causes discomfort. When cooking food have the courtesy to moderate some of the basic ingredients like salt and oil.

Salt escalates danger associated with kidney stones, heart diseases and the cancer of the stomach. Cancer and diabetes are common ailments risked by consuming excess cooking oil.

Lifestyle also matters when it comes to health, it false under health. It is always advisable to be taking good care of yourself. In the morning, at your own convenience, you can enjoy few minutes of simple workouts.

Exercising also combats some health conditions and diseases: Photo / Courtesy

Hitting the gym is but only a bonus as far as your untouchable tight schedule is concerned. Walking and going through the elevator is one easy way of keeping fit.

Regular exercise aids in controlling weight. When you engage in physical activities you burn calories.

Exercising also combats some health conditions and diseases. This calls for the management of wide range of health problems including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type two diabetes, depression and arthritis.

Stress-free life

Happiness and laughter is a key indicator of good health. It promotes personal well-being and you can easily socialize with other people.

Interestingly, when we laugh, we stretch muscles throughout our face and body. Have you not heard the proverb, ‘laughter is the best medicine’?

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According to helpguide.org, laughter has physical, mental and social health benefits including pain reduction, relaxing muscles and improving mood.

Happiness and laughter is a key indicator of good health: Photo / Courtesy

Other advantages are lessening stress, strengthening resilience, easing tension and anxiety, assist in resolving disputes, promoting group bond among others. Don’t you love a person with sense of humour?

Conclusively, eating right and preserving physical active life, will in the long run, improve your healthy life and protect the body from diseases and other dangerous medical conditions.

By Saphina Makungu


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