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7 simple habits that lead to good health


There are several habitual things you can do to maintain your good health.

At the same rate, certain lifestyles, if not taken seriously, will likely negate your healthy living.

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Sleep – During sleep our body rests and repairs. It also gives one a good chance to be mentally and physically ready for the next day and prepared to attain his /her peak performance.

By 10 o’clock at night retire to bed.

Enjoy some fresh air when you can – Getting some fresh air is so important for mental health.

It creates the illusion of ending day: Photo / Courtesy

A short break of about 10 minutes can leave you feeling re-energized and put you back in a positive mood. This also calls for going out of the routine during free time if the setting is urban.

Enjoy your meals without any distraction- when eating you shouldn’t be distracted by anything. All you have to do is just concentrate on your plate and finish your meal comfortably.

For instance, mouthwatering githeri(a mixture of maize and beans) can be food for the king when other diets are inclusive: Photo / Courtesy

This also will help you enjoy the delicacy and appreciate it. Most importantly, you are able to pay attention to your satiety cues, and stop eating unless when you are hungry.

Positive outlook also leads to good health – Medics report shows that a person’s outlook on life and their attitude towards themselves have certain effects on their health.

Employing good lifestyle will also see you through having acne-free face: Photo / Courtesy

Positive thinking can weigh greatly on health and can extend life that is your life span increases. A part from living longer, positive thinking also affects our health and mood.

Protect your skin – make sure to always protect your skin from the sun’s exposure, germs and other oily products that causes pimples and rashes on it.

Make it a routine in cleaning up your skin/face thoroughly before retiring to bed after a long busy day .This helps the skin to glow. You should also use the right soap when cleaning for example, Protex, Dettol and aloe Vera.

Smoking – smoking is dangerous on your health and it is a harmful habit .This can cause heart disease and lung cancer. Smoking is a leading factor of emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases as well.

Now that shisha is banned, use such time to overcome smoking, if at all you are an addict.

Smoking, as you all know, causes different types of cancer: Photo / Courtesy

Use of alcohol – Too much alcohol can damage your liver. It also causes some cancer diseases such as throat cancer, liver cancer or cancer of the pancreases. Be drinking juice instead of liquor.

There are also some things that we do ignore and yet they matter a lot. Don’t wait to fall ill for you to go to hospital.

Finally, make it a habit to go for medical checkup regularly. Prevention is better than cure.

By Saphina Makungu

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