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Does the weather affects your productivity?


The weather has an impact on your overall productivity and daily routine.

Whether hot, cloudy, rainy or even lighting, the weather adversely affects our productivity.

To some, rainy weather signifies nap time while for others, rainy weather is appropriate snuggle time with a blanket or a book.

Researchers have found that people are generally more productive on a bad-weather day than a good-weather day.


Sunshine causes people to be alert especially in the morning when they want to keep time.

It motivates meeting deadlines: Photo / Courtesy

It also motivates people into achieving and meeting deadlines as it is possible to note time passing as the day wears on.

However, sunshine can also be a damper as excess heat can affect productivity, while the blue skies and butterflies can be beautiful to look upon.

If you are a person given to gaze at the blue skies, make sure that your desk is away from the window or adding window treatments to cater against distractions.

Cloudy weather

The lack of sunshine translates to fewer distractions to workers thus enhancing efficiency and concentration.

Nonetheless cloudy weather gives the illusion that the day is almost worn and employees start winding for the day.


Rain translates to nap time, daydream, or reading a book. If you got time to sleep during heavy down pours or slight showers, make sure that the windows are closed, so that the patter of rain drops doesn’t induce you to sleep less.

To some, rainy weather signifies nap time while for others, rainy weather is appropriate snuggle time with a blanket or a book: Photo / Courtesy

If you are like me and cold or rainy weather boost your productivity, fish out the project you have been postponing and work on it.

Or take out the book you’ve been meaning to read and get started.


Light is everything. Poor lighting affects productivity in that it reduces focus, clarity and concentration.

Good lighting increases focus, awareness of one’s environment and a de-cluttered mind.

With proper lighting, you are able to trace anything quickly.  If your work space has poor lighting, try purchasing a desk lamp, if it is acceptable in your work space.


We all know how it feels after 2 pm, after all Kenya is a tropical country.

After lunch, all we want to do is instant nap, or cross our legs picking our teeth (nobody gets paid to do this).

However, we have three or four hours remaining until sun down. To counter the lazy feeling, nausea and or lethargy; take a 20 minutes nap and you’ll be refreshed for the remaining hours.

Overall, human beings will always complain about weather. It’s too cold, or the sun is killing us or the dust is too much that it should rain a bit.

Find ways to make your work space as efficient as you can. You can incorporate art, flowers or some beautiful carvings that are easily found on Maasai market.

2018 is the year we make it and see our New Year resolutions through. No weather fashioned against us shall prosper.


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