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Going out at night? Follow these 6 wise steps


It’s annoying to be the sober one in a club unless you are the designated driver. Once in a while circumstances, including your curiosity may get you into a club and whether you will like it or not, be prepared.

Know your way back

Going to a club is easy but your way back may not be easy because drunk people are not always reliable. It’s advisable to have a number of a taxi guys or money to take the taxi application; Uber. If both options fail, the next alternative is to stick with a bit sober person.

Carry your ID

If you’re not a night out person, this may seem trivial. Unless you want to spend the night in a cell, it’s advisable to carry your national identification document.

Police officers require your ID to confirm that indeed you have attained the drinking age and such document is required at the entrance of most clubs and covers you from facing a hefty fine in places with night curfews.

Carry your medicine

If you are allergic to meat (there is bound to be Nyama Choma (grilled meat), carry your medicine. Be cautioned enough to understand which drugs don’t auger well with alcohol, through your doctor’s prescription.

Carry your inhaler (Asthma Rescue Inhaler) if you suffer from Asthma. Update your friends on your immediate health condition for better response and general safety.

Go with warm clothes

You might get tempted to freeze and shine but it gets really cold especially after two o’clock at night.

Avoid catching common ailments related to cold and in matters concerning club hopping, your feet are not suffering from cold and draft. Switch to your warm clothes, at your own convenience, if the temperature changes.

Have a sober driver

Have a sober person, or a person who handles his liquor well to be the driver. Better still, call a cab. Remember to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Your life is everything.

After night out

Knowing where you’re going to sleep afterwards is essential. Most of the time the people who come together, leave together.

If you are a girl, you’re going to be hit on. How you will behave in front of drunken dudes is essential.

Whether or not you drink, the impact of such night out will be hangover caused by dancing

Whether you drunk or not, the hangover on the following day will be real. Be sure to get enough sleep the following day. A good shower followed by a nap is the ideal version of rest.

By Serah Nderi


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