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Which way, food aversion or balanced diet?

The health impact of under-eating cannot be ignored: Photo / Courtesy

It is normal for kids to avert food or just consume so little but this, in the long run, cannot help enhance their growth and development.

Most parents view this as a normal stage in the growth of a child after weaning. Normally the children are fed to point of satiety until they reject the meal.

Food aversion becomes a problem when the child refuses to eat even what was considered their favorite food.

Unknowingly, the child may be left to grow with such habit and becomes part of him or her. They just consume so little or skip meals without concrete reason. Sometimes, under certain conditions, it is attributed to reduced appetite.

Furthermore, this serious condition is also some women’s agenda, who want to be the icon of every good-looking dude around. They call it ‘maintaining sexy’ shape.

Anorexia nervosa is the scientific name of food aversion disorder.

Food aversion will limit the proper growth of the child for they become emaciated. Society, however, plays a huge role is this kind of condition. Slim and lean woman is considered to be sexy and appealing, a mentality shaped by the larger society.

Modelling also contribute to food aversion. Reason being, to have such professional lookout, a female must be slender and curvy and, never eat to the brim lest she expand her waist.

Unfortunately, society members particularly ladies, go through psychological trauma of imitating personalities and this calls for limiting food intake. It happens that social functions may not be attended simply because of correcting personal weight. Dieting is the ultimate goal.

Leave alone overeating, normal food ratio consumption diminishes when ones goal is to get the ‘perfect’ body. Less energy, bad eating habit and general body weakness is not part of healthy living.

The disorder, food aversion, involves two types: the first one is forcibly vomiting for having guilty of consuming more food.

The second one involves restricting food intake to safely keep up proper posture. It is noteworthy that food aversion is not a replica of normal weight loss.

Food aversion is a life threatening psychological disorder that requires quick intervention which involve medicinal treatment of underlying factors.

The health impact of under-eating cannot be ignored. If you happen to be one, kindly seek professional intervention.

Furthermore, another method of tackling the disorder is a nutritional approach where you prepare, implement and supervise a meal plan. This focus will help you get back to the normal eating habit.

Reducing excessive fats is not a bad idea but totally forgoing food, which give energy to body system, is not a better alternative.


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