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Male confession: Is it justifiable for a man to have more than one woman?


It is an open secret that women, naturally, would never approve of their men to mingle with their female colleagues.

You should have heard the story where a wife, in a bid to prevent her man to remarry, willed a request, when she kicked the bucket.

Her brother was to make sure the grave is regularly wet, after her husband promised never to marry again as long as her grave is wet. That is a woman for you.

For men, sticking to one woman, is neither easy nor possible. However, many dudes agree that, women are the sole causes of their relationship woes.

As they say, men are naturally polygamous, leaving out every woman’s dream of one to one. Kenyan men defended the motion vividly.

Interestingly, of the many domestic violence reported; murder, splashing acid on ones face, pouring hot oil, cutting off genitalia, physical harm among others, the dead-end has been jealousy.

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Although no woman will agree with these reasons, men on the other hand, defended what they termed as ‘sharing is caring’. Here are confessions by 15 Kenyan men, supporting polygamy.

Vidic, “The ratio of women to men is higher, if every man takes care of one woman, where will others be enjoying their lives”?

Gambo, “Some women are naturally stressful and they make life hard. So, in a bid to dodge the annoyance and stress, we end up seeking a conducive environment. It is not our fault after all”.

Vincent, “It is common sense. There are more women than men across the world. Balancing is what we do”.

Levyz, “It will depend on the type of woman you have in your life. Her behaviour will decide whether you will have another one or stick to her”.

Kennedy, “Just like nutrition, we need to have a balanced life full of delicacy. Personal taste matters most”.

Timothy, “Some women are not reliable, you need to involve a backup in case the relationship fails. I cannot go through the pain of heartbreak alone, at least a shoulder to lean on is paramount”.

Alex, “We are proudly following the footsteps and legacy of our forefathers like King Solomon, Jacob among others. There should be no blame at all”.

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Kelvin, “Ideally, some women understand romance better than others. If she happens to be naïve, getting naughty outside is no bad”.

Dennizz, “According to world statistics, the ration of men to women is 1:7, so where do you want the remaining six women to go to”?

Bonny, “My advice to women is that whenever your respect and care, he won’t be looking sideways. Take the initiative to make him stick to you”.

Oliver, “Must you stick where there are lots of miseries and happiness”?

Jeff, “It is a big risk putting your eggs in one basket.”

Felix, “Behind every successful man there is a woman, so more women more success”.

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David, “They say follow your dreams. If I am the guy of her dreams, I should be kind enough to help her achieve her dreams as well.

If, for instance, five girls dream about me, I will be willing to help them meet their dreams. I am kind-hearted. Symbiosis”.

Obed, “Some women are full of arrogance and pride. They envisage a world without other women, creating some sort of monopolies”.


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