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Somali language holiday camp encourages reading culture in kids


This year’s Somali language holiday camp, organized by Awjama Omar Research and Reading Center, has successfully come to an end with celebration and motivation.

With smiling faces, children benefited during the school holiday / Awjama Center, Eastleigh, Nairobi

The two-month programme, sponsored by the cultural center, engaged children across Nairobi’s environments, particularly Eastleigh and its neighboring estates.

During the school closure period, children were given chance to not only to nurture their natural talent but also get exposure as a basic for confidence seeking through various activities.

Children were monitored to get the best of the holiday / Awjama Center, Eastleigh, Nairobi

The organizers of the holiday camp encouraged the children to adapt a positive reading culture by giving them numerous books and expected them to provide a summary at the end of the reading session.

Furthermore, other social interaction activities were also on the menu. Interestingly, children were given golden chance to finish their school homework within the framework of child learning support.

For the Somali speaking kids, they were able to learn the native language through reading, writing, reciting poems and traditional songs as a path for developing and bonding with the Somali cultural heritage.

Learning the Somali language through writing is essential part of the programme / Awjama Center, Eastleigh, Nairobi

As the organizations depicts, such process will enhance a child’s ability to be creative and communicate with community members at all level.

And to keep their spirit strong, other skills-learning sessions such as hair braiding and bead work were also integrated in the holiday camp for the children to absorb more art and crafts.

Drawing and painting were numerous learning methods at the center / Awjama Center, Eastleigh, Nairobi

Others are weaving, drawing and painting.

To enhance their health fitness, exercise such as karate, jumping and hula hoop were in the line.

The exercise makes the kids active and healthy / Awjama Center, Eastleigh, Nairobi

According to the organization, it has been great educative period for the children, as they acquired significant lessons; from Somali language, reading books, participation in various activities, storytelling techniques through natural means like wood carving and painting.

The program, which commenced on November 2 and completed at December 29, through its book reading club, inculcated the children with best book reading culture.

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Those who could read and summarize more books went with gifts hampers from Awjama Center as a motivational tool to help them keep the mantle burning.

Those performed better, went with gift hampers from Awjama Cultural Center / Awjama Center, Eastleigh, Nairobi

“This will promote literature and encourage many children out there to interact with the society”, says Fardowsa, Director, Awjama Cultural Center. “It also helps them understand their cultural background and enhance their creativeness”.

Ms. Abdulle, a motivational speaker, commended children for their outstanding activities and encouraged parents to give their little ones chance to be creative and get much needed confidence.

Many children took advantage of the exposure to get confidence / Awjama Center, Eastleigh, Nairobi

In the grand closing of the Somali language holiday camp, the message was clear, as children go back to school, learning the culture should be a continuous process.

Through the support of Awjama Cultural Research and Reading Center, the heritage of Somali culture has been brought to the limelight in 2015.

The organization, which works to preserve cultures, has been at the forefront to revive the Somalia culture.

From October 5, 2017, to October 8, the organization successfully held the third annual Somali cultural festival dubbed Somali Heritage Week at Kenya Cultural Center, Nairobi.


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