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First impression: Women confess what they notice first in a man


The clandestine of womenfolk are known only to them. Whatever they notice first is a personal choice.

Within seconds of scanning your physique and expressions, she will make up her mind whether to keep you or not.

Courtesy of online platforms, people are meeting abundantly more than ever. You cannot be chatting throughout minus having a glimpse of her, especially if you are considering long-term relationship.

You must have been told stories of old women and young boys ending up with intimate conversations, only to realize later that the profile picture of hers belong to certain young-beautiful girl downloaded from Mr. Google and vice versa.

Meeting a dashing chic for the first time attracts all sorts of anxiousness, unpredictable personal expectation among others. Perfection begins here; make yourself the best of the possible.

Relax man! Cut your coat according to your cloth. Save all the troubles of camouflaging your lifestyle which cannot go further.

Be natural, later or sooner the truth will be out, in case the relation takes a honeyed route.

You know what? The girl knows best what she wants in her life, unless you are dealing with mining lot! The gold diggers.

If she won’t have you at your worst, does she really deserve you at your best?

It is natural to have the best in life and is seeing is believing. Sugarcoating is not part of the impression. Show her your natural and real side.

As they say, women see and men look. It means a man will admire what he sees while a woman, on the other hand, will inspect.

Unlike you, the girl will scrutinize a whole you keenly, taking into consideration all details, from appearance to body language to your manner.

Like the proverbial one man’s meat is another man’s poison, her preference is absolutely divergent from another female colleague.

So, don’t assume how your best friend captured his is a replica of yours, no, it doesn’t work like that.

Some women revealed their feminine needs when it comes to beginning a relationship or dating for that matter. Here is what some of them said.

Tracey: “What I notice first is his haircut and shoes. I look forward to meet a gentleman, well groomed. Also, for me, oral hygiene is paramount. The dude could be hardworking but if the teeth are below par, I don’t believe there is better side of him”.

Robbi: “Hygiene is equally vital. If he fails to brush his teeth I doubt if he can wash his ass too.

Carla: “The first thing I notice is probably how well groomed or unkempt he is. If he succeeds in that, I will secondly consider his teeth and shoes”.

Jones: “For me, the consideration lie in the nails, how clean and organized they are. If confirmed unclean, whatever is remaining will possibly be dirty”.

Jee: “The starting foundation for me is the feet and this could extend to the shoes he is wearing”.

Barbara says: “I am the kind of girl who specializes in the eyes. By looking at the eye, more tales will be revealed”.

Allison: “Smiling face is the first stop for me in a man and the way he carries himself across”.

Gentleman, it is downright scary if she vanishes after the first visit. Simply improve your distinctive alpha male quality to neutralize her high-feminine refined sensor.

First and foremost, concentrate on hygiene. Be neat my friend. From good shaved hair head, organized beards, clean nails, brushed teeth and nice breathing mouth. Yes, perfect!

Work on your clothing by addition, the shoes, belts and other matching garments. You probably neither did a unit on fashion design nor are you a beauty model, but you must look more alluring for the date.

Clean, Ironed, fitting clothes and shining shoes work wonders. Simplicity is always a unique style, employ it.

As much as you try to work on your looks, once in a while toss out a smile of appreciation, a frequent “thank you” and humongous source of humour. She will definitely adore your presence.


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