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Running, the ultimate goal of healthy living


So many people out there hate running, in fact, I believe more than 60 percent hardly think of running as a healthy exercise; regarding as wastage of time.

Running is actually the best way of preventing numerous health complications.: Photo / Courtesy

Not until you are from the doctor’s office one day and you are advised to embark on frequent jogging as compulsory daily therapy.

That is when getting your health or fitness back starts feeling like punishment; you do it for a week and wonder why the doctor decided to torture you.

But the question is where do things begin getting out of hand?

When you think about it, as a child, just when we acquire balance, we run all around the place breaking utensils.

At this age all that nostalgic running helps a lot: building strong bones, strengthening
muscles and maintaining a healthy weight.

Most kids, at this age, carry less fat courtesy of physical activeness.

Mental health also begins at tender age since children who play a lot often improve their capacity to learn and retain new information and vocabulary compared to dormant children.

Now, as we grow older, whether as an active or dormant, we determine our fate. Right from primary to high school, we were being forced to run around the field by the game teachers. Almost all of us curse them for making ‘five laps of honor’ compulsory, but you will thank them later.

The little time from books helps sharpen your brain and boosts your memory, remember ‘no play makes Jack dull’.

As a bonus, you might also discover talent in the field.

There is that funny question that pops in my mind lately when I meet a fat character, “how did he or she get there?”

But the negative fact is that fat involves; overweight and obesity that leads to type 2
diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes, certain types of cancer, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease and kidney disease.

Also if you are pregnant excess weight may lead to high blood sugar
during pregnancy, high blood pressure, and increased risk for cesarean delivery (C-section).

Running is actually the best way of preventing such situations and complications.

A jog a day strengthen the old adage, an apple a day keep the doctor away.

Run at any age and at all ages because you will maintain strong bone structure, flexible joints, less weight and develop an upright body posture that nobody will tell if you are 70 years of age.

Do not wait until it is late to start health runs.

Run for competitions, leisure, fitness, and you will discover you have
been running for health although.

By Ambunya Jean


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