Doctors remove 263 coins, 100 nails from man’s stomach


    Around Ksh.1440. That’s the figure that a team of Indian surgeons has extracted from a man’s stomach.

    Image result for Cirujanos indios eliminan 263 monedas, 100 uñas del estómago del hombre

    A total of 263 coins and other metal objects that the doctors managed to eliminate from the body of the young man, aged 28, who had been in pain for a month.

    As reported by CNN, Maksood Khan went to the hospital in New Dehli with severe discomfort and at first the doctors thought it was a food poisoning.

    “When he arrived, his blood pressure was very low, he was in critical condition and we quickly saw that there was something wrong,” explains Dr. Priyank Sharma.

    In addition, he confirms that “after several explorations we managed to extract some 263 coins and 100 nails from his stomach” and he remembers that “the first 24 hours after the operation were complex”.

    Now, the affected is out of danger and his family has explained that Khan suffers from mental problems and according to the team of psychiatrists at the hospital, he was in a deep phase of depression.


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