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6 major home remedies for treating common cold at home


Common cold is caused by a virus, and has common symptoms such as fever, shivering, running nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, headache and joint pain followed by bodily weakness.

A common cold can trigger some opportunities diseases such as pneumonia, rhinitis, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis and tuberculosis.

Being a viral disease, it cannot be treated with antibiotics but medications help reduce symptoms such as coughing, fever, sneezing and sore throats that come with the common cold.

Based on traditional medications, majority of the populace seek to mitigate the effect of the ailment with home remedies. This coupled with past and recent scientific studies, treating cold has never been difficult:

Chicken and vegetable soup. A study published in the journal Chest claims that drinking hot vegetable and chicken soup will help reduce the spread of the germs and virus caused by the common cold. People who constantly drink soup were found to get cold less likely. Along the same thoughts, people will be faster enough to suggest soups for remedy of colds.

Ginger. Boiling water with the ginger and then drinking the water will help in reducing coughs, sore throat, and nausea. Different researches conducted on the ginger show that it can be used for medicinal purposes including prevention of common cold.

Honey and lemon. Studies reveal that mixing honey and lemon and adding it to a cup of tea will be the best remedy for common cold. Also, paediatrician researchers say that giving children teaspoonful of honey at night will help prevent them from a cough and common cold, especially those children who wake up with sudden vomit and suffer from nasal congestion.

Garlic. One of the best remedies of common is garlic; it not only treats but also prevent it. Garlic contains a substance called ‘allicin’ which reduces the fluid that spread virus and bacteria that cause other opportunistic diseases to affect the person. Health professionals recommend adding garlic to food and mostly used when someone is suffering from common cold.

Oranges/vitamin C. Oranges contain Vitamin C, and this will reduce sneezing, dry cough, and dry mouth. It will produce a better result when added to a hot cup of tea and not when it is cold. Vitamin C improves the immune system which in turn prevents the germs spreading the common cold.

Warm salty water. Research published in the journal “American Journal of Preventive Medicine”, noted that rinsing warm salty water will reduce the chance of bacteria and virus that will likely multiply in the throats. Salt water also lessens the irritation of the throats, soften mucus and prevents nasal congestion.

Bottom line: there are remedies that will help reduce the spread and impact of the common cold including those mentioned above which are very common for many people. Apart from these, there are other remedies.

Most importantly, it is worthy to note that the diseases is common cold for the aforementioned remedies to work better and faster. Similar ailments may present comparable symptoms. All we are saying remains: if you have common cold, consider trying these helpful home remedies at the comfort of the house and if symptoms persist seek medical advice.


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