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Men: protect your marriage with these 9 traits, giving your wife a priority

Happy family emanates from the effort of a fatherly figure: Photo/ Courtesy

As we know, marriage is a sacred institution with its ups and downs. Two wrongs don’t make a right, as the man of the household, father of your children, husband of a lovely and beautiful wife, we would like to see you taking your marriage the seriousness it deserves by sealing loopholes that might, in the long run ruin your union.

Use the power bestowed upon you by the religion and culture as the head of the family. Making decision should be a partnership initiative and not ‘one-person’ role. Let her be part of that good decision you ought to make.

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Calling her on the discussion table comforts by revealing the motherly nature she deserves.  A case in scenario could be hastily making ineffective family decision which probably distress her solely.

Good behaviour. No fights or shouts when misunderstanding persists. To reveal your disapproval in the matrimonial setting, shrink yourself in a corner of the bed as a sign of annoyance instead of beating the hell out of her.

Don’t you ever try battering her? Do you think it will be nice to have your wife running errands with swollen face due to your hard slap? Be mart enough, my brother to handle such sensitive case.

Leadership qualities. You should have limits on your actions. Be principled to do the right thing plus employing wisdom. If she is angry, keep silent and leave her alone. Arguments, only worsens the situation.

We are avoiding that. Walk out silently. Overseeing her character to help her minimise bad behaviour through polite reminder is another leader quality. ‘My dear wife, such behaviour is not good for you’ is better way of telling to keep off from certain ungodly habit.

Be generous. Women love generosity in general, your wife is not an exception. This involves providing for her and, by extension, the family and relatives. Give her privacy and independence. If there are serious domestic violence, talk to her alone.

Controlling anger isn’t easy at some points but be careful with the kind of language you express your exasperation. Vividly state what you like and dislike. No point of despising her all the time. She is your responsibility beginning the day you married her.

Mercy. Women like mirror, are transparent and without mercy, prone to breakage. Nobody has ever repaired broken glass. Be kind to know her emotional status.

As a working father, don’t be so engrossed in other issues like reading newspaper, browsing the internet, watching TV and forget to interact with your wife after a day’s activities. Your family needs your time. Otherwise it will lead to communication breakdown and misunderstanding.

Taking long hours with other people as opposed to your family is not a solution for your marriage. Let your children feel the fatherly figure. We are not disregarding significance of friends and other people in your life but your family should come first.

Control your anger as the head of the family. Be patients enough to control your level of anger. Good moments are more than tough moments.

Never raise your voice to your wife in front of the children, family members and the public. It will result in disrespecting their mother, for the case of the kids. It will make her suffer a lot in the eyes of other relatives and the society at large.

Live with utmost affection and love with your wife. Be romantic, hug and kiss her habitually. Never praise another woman in her presence. Complimenting another fellow, how she looks beautiful or the way her food is nice, is being disrespectful.

Doing so will hurt her feelings and cause a heart ache; she may begin to feel useless and doubt you; as her husband.

Be intelligent on how you solve family matters. Small misunderstanding to be resolved effectively. Employ the best method that shouldn’t lead to further disputes. Bury the hatchet within the home to circumvent reaching the external world.

What if you yell ‘call your good-for-nothing mother’, what will the children think and do next time? Such children will eventually lose moral respect for their own parents.

Avoid accusing your lovely of crimes she never committed on the ground of jealousy. It result into unfortunate breakup of the family. If rumours persist, confirm rather than fuming with unnecessary anger to your innocent wife. What if you punish and the gossips has no basis.

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