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The link between mobile phone usage and cancer cannot be ignored


We all carry our portable mobile phones throughout, using it for various reasons on a daily basis; from making calls, sending messages and using online social sites- for interaction purpose.

The question we all need to ask ourselves is, does this gadget have health problems in store for us?

A US-based study found out that there is a link between the gadgets and cancer, as the mobile phones emit some form of radio waves.

The research was conducted on rats and after exposing the little creatures to radio waves emitted by phones, they were more likely to develop brain and heart tumor leading to cancer.

Previous researchers failed to provide concrete evidence on the health risk of mobile phones, and this specific study doesn’t have the strength to blow some fear in the consumers of telecommunication gadgets.

However, the researchers expressed their panic over the presence of the radio frequency present in the communication gadgets.
According to the researchers, small exposure of radio-frequency could have maximum health implication among the diverse and huge users of mobile phones.

The study involved over 2,500 rats that were exposed to radio waves for 9 hours daily which continued for two years. The result showed a significantly lower level of tumors observed in the rats exposed to the radiation.

The study seems to have been attacked with different reaction from the global population since it involves over half world population who are using the gadget daily.

Some of the researchers on the subject said that since people assumed that such gadgets were harmless, it is now time to think again about the whole issue, taking hints from this explicit study.

According to Cancer National Institute, Radiofrequency exposure from cell phone use does cause heat to the area of the body where a cell phone or other device is held (ear, head, etc.).

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) states that the weight of the current scientific evidence has not conclusively linked cell phone use with any adverse health problems, but more research is needed.

Since the studies couldn’t precisely explain the connection between cancer and the radio waves emitted by the cell phones, there are numerous concerns onwoman making possible health complication that could be caused by the telecommunication gadgets.

The best way to be safe is using the cell phones for a shorter period when making phone calls.


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