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How best can a woman survive a long-distance marriage


When a man and a woman finally decides to settle down and spend a lifetime together, they become more than just ordinary friends.

Love become the force binding them, it becomes difficult to imagine life without the other person’s presence. They begin a life where they will share every detail of their life as well as amenities and property.

But what happens if the man or woman goes back to a job station; far from home or even travels to another country for weeks, months or years? Since they become accustomed to have each other near all day and night, they surely start to miss the moments together.

Let us give some special attention to couples who live far apart for reasons beyond their control. Although at first they are likely to have sleepless nights, if committed unto their marriage, they can find a way out of the challenge of living far apart.

As they say, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, keeping one busy and focused is key. Thinking so deeply over a person’s absence worsens the situation. As part of the healing process, take time with your children; let them be your full-time job or friends or any other positive task that can keep you going.

Taking them to school, going out with them to play, sharing stories with the children will absorb some of your time you could have otherwise spent thinking about your partner. This happens also when you are spending time with friends, good friends that is. Feel free to share your feelings with the people you are close to.

If you don’t have children, you have parents, friends, relative and neighbors. Visit and share with them your feelings. It keeps you busy and have the feeling of being loved. Watch movies with them; make your stay as interesting as possible. Remember time heals so should you.

Learning, as they suggest, is an endless process. You can enroll in learning institutions to extend your active life. It works magic now that most of your time, the mind is engaged on a serious issue. Taking time to further one’s studies provides an opportunity to engage more in involving activities.

Religious courses and activities are also available; taking significantly less time to accomplish. And now that the word is moving digital, basic and advanced computer courses also work perfectly.

For a housewife, certain things take time to be achieved at home. For instance, changing the design of the sitting room, re-arranging the house and changing the curtains. This can be done when you want to drift your mind away from everything. So start working on these arrangements to absorb your nostalgic memories.

No hurry, lest you miss blessing, bit by bit, do all the stuff that requires more time. This will keep you busy throughout the day. What you could do within a day when your partner is around, do it within the timeline of weeks.

Recovering from the loneliness is never easy at the start. People may negatively advise you on how your partner may likely stumble upon a better person. People with positive and valuable ideas are better for you. Pray to shame the devil!!!


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