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Menstrual Preparation: Alternative health steps to relieve the pain

The magnitude of the menstrual pain differs with different women: Photo/ Courtesy

Menstrual flow is natural for any mature girl or woman for that matter. It is part of the growth and development of the human female species.

Once a woman experiences menstruation, it means that she is ready to conceive and can get pregnant. Menstruation commences at the age of 10 to 15 years; although, there are personal variations and continues till menopause; around 50 to 55 years.

Commonly, women should have a hint on the arrival of the period. Although it comes as a surprise to some of them, keeping a record is significant for the purpose of preparation, since the blood results in mood swings, pain, and muscle cramps.

Developing a local calendar gives you the possibility of preparing for the difficult moments of your life. We understand that the process differs with women; some of them going through tough times for a week, while others can be more or less.

We understand that the process differs with women; some of them going through tough times for a week, while others can be more or less.

If you have a smartphone, there are numerous applications that help track your cycle; taking an average from the last few months. Google play Store combines different such apps. Period tracker is one of the applications that predicts menstruation.

The applications allow you to record other related and useful information such as body temperature, weight, cervical mucus, mood changes, sexual activities and your body mass index (BMI). Afraid of losing your data in the middle of nowhere? Use your Google account to back up the data.

You need to prepare for the menstrual flow to have the least impact when it comes to managing the pain and other physical changes in the body such as general body weakness, headache, fatigue, mood change and inability to handle normal issues.

For flushing out wastes, water is required in the body: Photo/ Courtesy

In the first step of preparation, you are encouraged to drink more water so that the waste is flushed out easily. For removing the internal body wastes, regularly consume water; we are not talking about sugary drinks or soft drinks; purely clean and plain water.

For the week you are expecting the menstrual flow, increase your water intake. Water at room temperature is all you need to frequent.

During the onset of menstrual period, many women feel pain in the whole body, particularly, the chest, making it difficult for them to wear bras and other garments.

The breast becomes so painful that, even your touch worsens the situation. For such remedy, fresh turmeric root or turmeric in powdered form can be of great help.

Tumeric helps in reducing the inflamation: Photo/ Courtesy

If you have the root, slice it and add it to juice in the blender. And drink it afterward. Alternatively, you can mix the powder with tea.

However, the good part of turmeric is that it can be used as a beverage and as food; by eating along with foods. The turmeric reduces the inflammation of the chest area, probably the breast and the intestines – where the root cause lies.

Be mindful of your diet before and after the menstrual cycle starts. Fruits and vegetables give you some vital vitamins like B6 and vitamin E and, minerals like potassium.  Such food sources reduce

Such food sources reduce intensity of the pain, menstrual cramps and bloating. At the end of the day, what matters is to lessen the pain caused by the menstrual cycle.

Vegetables and fruits provide numerous vitamins and minerals: Photo/ Courtesy

Although we encourage fresh fruits and veggies, there are vitamins in the form of tablets you can get easily with the help of a medical doctor in case you are under medication.

Intestinal inflammatory is also another health problem facing women during menstrual flow. During the seven-day period, the monthly flow is on the way, health experts recommend the use of ginger.

One of the known herbals, the ginger provides one of the remedies: Photo/ Courtesy

We know how best ginger is used along with its numerous health benefits. Fresh ginger root and prepared powdered form are both available.

Additionally, you can have the ginger with honey if using it alone may not be pleasing.

With blood flowing out of your body, we want you to compensate by consuming foods that are rich in iron. By now you should know that iron deficiency leads to anemia and, to live healthily you need to prepare yourself to have a smooth cycle.

You need protein in the body. These foods that will balance the level of iron in the body includes spinach, red meat, beans, peas and, among others.


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