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Women: To save your marriage, capitalize on humility and sacrifice


Naturally, women undergo serious mood transformation during the onset of their monthly flow. What does this depict in the marriage? The hormonal changes alter her mood, making it difficult for the man to comprehend any new behaviour.

Fortunately, this usually lasts for a specified period of time. Marriage is a sacred institution, sharing a synonym with academic; in case you missed the point, we mean commitment and hard work solves all the major hurdles.

Our subjective discussion emanates on how easily a woman can re-confirm the love of her husband by capitalizing on her moral responsibility and the habit of positively influencing the new level of partnership.

Our core discussion is a personal sacrifice for the good of the marriage. From today, we want you to be humble, throw away the destructive ego, and be the best mother to your children, wife to your husband and a role model to the bigger society.

Respect is two-way traffic. At the beginning, it is you who fell for him and married him, to get a share of his joy and sorrow. In the first place, have you been yourself?

No sugar coating your character, revealing your true personality is a bonus, such that the marriage will survive on truth and with realistic expectations.

Hopefully, you come across couples disregarding themselves after marriage ‘you have never been like this before’

For the young and beautiful newlywed women, take care of yourself. Taking care of a husband and a home doesn’t mean you forget yourself. We stress on self-love.

Smiling is the best medicine for all moods; get to know your man more by sharing valuable time with him. The good part is that any free minute of his will surely be yours.

You should understand his likes and dislikes since you live with him. In that case, humiliate yourself by avoiding what belittles him, disturbs and ruins his masculine ego.

Too much complain ultimately drives him crazy. In the morning, when going for the daily’s activity, remain vigilant to remind him to take breakfast or drinks, don’t you expect ‘thanks so much my love’, after such hospitality?

Don’t raise your expectation way up high. Going by what your girlfriends or neighbours have at their disposal is not a copy of your life. Some wives force their husbands to provide things they cannot provide.

Financial constraint emerging from lack of contentment has in the past ruined marriages. Universally, men notable get influenced by their spouses.

If the man treated as a matured person, respected and welcomed back home, he will surely return the good thing with his wife. From job, he will probably, call in the evening to confirm what you need back at home. Such case is opposite, for the husbands terrorized at their homes.

For the mood swings, we expect, you know when the period arrives. Take it easy and, at the extreme end, update the family about your demanding conditions.

The ladder of the house is purely the mother. Let immediate family members understand the extra care you need this particular time. This extends to the children; how you show them love and passion matters.

Instead of rooting out past bad experiences, why don’t you regularly have a common meeting to iron out an unexpected issue or by extension, family matters.

Temptations are inevitable, for him to physically look at other women, cannot mean, he doesn’t love you. For instance, a perceived-beautiful lady seeks help from him; does it mean he admires her? Imagine, suddenly, you complain about what happened some years back.

Jealousy is healthy in relationships; by this you are not playing the role of the criminal investigation department. By the grace of the almighty, he is your man, what is the point of eavesdropping on his telephone conversations?

Apart from the usual women’s complaints and the soliciting hands, have you tried to talk to him about his well-being and jobs?

It is the responsibility of the man to provide for the family, do you know what he goes through when providing for you? Most of the best qualities to sustain your family should come from you – personal initiative.

For instance, for manual labourers, they need more rest at home than any other place; make the house safe haven for him.

It may not be easy as said and your determination to maintain your marriage is the most important part. Take heart if you don’t receive what you are giving out.

Commonly, good things come in small packages and change, as we know, is a gradual process. Failing to try is trying to fail, with many women suffering under the unfortunate hand of their husband, ours is to give you a glad tiding; patience pays, live with the hope that one day all the good things you are doing, will be reflected.

You are human with limitations and imperfectness, with the ability to influence, go ahead to change your man for the better. People are different; we know that well, pray significantly hard if your husband becomes a thorn in the flesh.


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