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Part One: With these Five long-term steps, Slimming is possible

Trimming the body fat through a healthy way is recommended: Photo/Courtesy

Slim is possible and lessens the ride of maneuvering to a healthy standard. Set the mind to acquire the lost glory of living happily.

Let’s be clear on this: trimming the body fat through a healthy way is recommended. No crash program involved for safety purpose. For these simple measures, you only need to habituate it and glad tidings; it doesn’t need you to have vigorous workouts or cash the gym.

Additionally, it is a long term solution to obesity and overweight.

Here are the best five steps in managing your weight:

First and foremost, the advice is to drink water regularly – from the tap, tank or bottle water. No shortcut about this. When you wake up early morning, what do you do? Actions reveal your personality.

Have a glass of water as the day breaks. Interestingly, the bulk of the body composition is water, approximately 70 per cent. All the known body processes require water. Another time to drink water is when you feel hungry. It diverts attention to eat more – fills the stomach.

All the known body processes require water: Photo/ Courtesy

If you live in cold environs, one of the immediate consequence is frequenting the toilet. You will not gain without pain, going by the path of the wisdom. Water speeds up the metabolic process and burning of calories.

The other step stems from the first one but a little bit different. After you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner; not forgetting middle day snacks, consider sipping warm water.

As we are all aware, some of the foods we eat contain fats and oil; be it cooking oil added when preparing or adding animal fats; if you entertain such habits.

The idea behind taking warm water is to smoothen the burning up of fat content within the body. Accumulation of fat is what we mean by weight gain. In short, we are artificially burning it.

Losing weight doesn’t translate to starvation, in fact it works in the opposite. For instance, missing breakfast with the intent of cutting down on body fat means you will probably have a heavy lunch, with your poor information, the waist will expand.

No taking chances when it it comes to balance diet: Photo/ Courtesy

At this point, are you losing or gaining? We call a spade a spade, be mindful of quality food – combination of all the categories; carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins work perfectly. Do you live to eat or eat to  live? Personally, the later is fine.

Before we proceed, I would like to ask how active are you?. Perceiving a common agreement on technology and modernity, machines make work easier for us.

Going by the escalator or moving short distances by means of vehicle is not the right choice, especially with the journey of admiring slim body physique. Walk! Keep your feet fit through running or jogging.

Walk! Keep your feet fit through running or jogging: Photo/ Courtesy

At home, however, avoid idleness that sticks you to the couch; do household chores and run errands. The same goes to the office hours, the underlying word is to be ACTIVE! You may not visualize the exact result but again, cutting down on weight is a long journey in itself.

Burning calories is the ultimate goal of physical activity.

Food, weight gain and weight loss go hand in hand. Failure to control what goes through the esophagus is calling for trouble, above all, if your waistline is not attractive. We are publicly announcing no regular sweet foods.

Exceptions could be celebrating birthdays, weddings or occasions signified by the time. Mentioning sweets, we are talking about halwa, cakes, other sugary foods and soft carbonated drinks. Sweet foods hold you ransom of desired body shape.

The best way to detect the presence of sugar in most foods available at stores and supermarkets is checking the label. You choose between desirable, healthy body shape and, unhealthy endless cravings!

This is part one of the weight loss program, be on the lookout for the successive post on the best ways to improve and manage your weight for healthy living.

In our next publication, the debates on weight management will focus ‘food that inhibits weight loss’.


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