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13 ways of losing excess fats and maintaining a better body physique


Shedding some kilos of fats has never been easy, especially for lazy bones who like to present excuse after the other; claiming how difficult it is to run up and down. It is high time you work on the body fat. They say, no gain without pain; patience and determination will give you the body desire of your choice and replace the plumpness.

Natural ways to develop a better body physique:

1. Maintain a balanced diet. It involves protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water for body fitness and strength. Don’t concentrate on certain food instead use balanced diet for better health. Fat doesn’t fatten all the time and consuming nuts, seeds, oily fish won’t harm you. Reduce intake of fatty substance like nut oil regularly.

2. Don’t scale your weight daily. Take time and measure regularly like weekly or monthly to get the picture of gradual weight loss.

3. Involve family and friends – work with friends and families to get to the gym for motivation. Challenge yourself to do certain action like working on your craving for certain foods. It will surely help.

4. Begin your day with an egg or closer to it and instead of grain take yogurt. It will enhance body strength and fitness.

5. Develop a habit of using smaller plates to eat quality meals rather than considering quantity, but less food to maintain fitness and avoid weight gain.

6. Take meals and snacks throughout the day; this helps protect you from having pangs of hunger which later can lead to overeating.

7. Carbohydrates should be part of your meal. Add a variety of food sources to make it nutritious. It gives the energy to go throughout the day and mood to carry out workouts.

8. Reduce sugar intake completely. No excess starch in your diet if you want to have a good body shape.

9. Consuming high water content food is advised for effective weight loss. Soups, proteins, and vegetables should be part of the meal. Nutrients are the main agenda in healthy living.

10. Don’t skip meals- people assume skipping meal will help weight reduction, but in reality, it increases hunger, cravings and ultimately causes overeating.

11. Develop a good eating habit. Don’t just eat for the sake. Secondly, when eating, it is advisable to concentrate and stop doing other things. For instance, eating and watching are not the best. You end up eating junk food without noticing.

12. Protein and fiber content are important for the body. It keeps the stomach full and alternatively reduces food intake.

13. Having goals and aims when beginning weight loss journey. Your activities shouldn’t be limited to a specific category only. Do a variety of activities that will enhance burning more calories. Walking, running, hitting the gym if you can, walking down the stairs and most importantly; showing patience. It is not a matter of days or weeks, but more than you think. Don’t give up along the way, instead, produce a personal weight loss long-term schedule and work on it.


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