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The best 5 home remedies for a toothache to try


Suffering from a toothache is common among people who are affected by tooth decay, dental cavities, swelling of the pulp, fracture of the tooth, gums that are infected and sometimes repetitive chewing of gum. This condition has affected everyone at some point in life. An untreated toothache will possibly lead to health complications. Always give the first priority to a dentist to get treatment.

It is easy to identify a toothache as the symptoms include sharp tooth pain especially when one opens the mouth, headache, and swelling that emanates from the tooth. Having a cold or hot drink makes the situation worse. During ‘off hours” when you cannot get a dentist, consider the following home remedies for a toothache:

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Garlic. Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which has potent medicinal properties. Using this plant with antibiotic properties reduces the pain caused by a toothache. The plant is available and affordable. Crushed garlic mixed with salt provide the best remedy for a toothache when applied to the affected tooth. According to Dr. Michael Sinkin, Be aware that crushed garlic can be irritating to the gum so restrict it to the cavity in the tooth.

Onion. This plant has antimicrobial properties which are helpful in killing the germs that are caused by the tooth infection and reduce the intensity of the pain. Putting a raw onion one the affected tooth will lessen the pain.

Cloves. The plant has medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic which helps in tooth pain reduction. Oil of cloves also forms part of the ingredients of some dental products. Dr. Michael Sinkin explains,  “Mix 2-3 drops with olive or cooking oil and saturate a piece of cotton. Place the cotton in the tooth cavity and bite down with another piece of dry cotton over the tooth. Also, if you grind or crush whole cloves with a few drops of cooking oil, you can get the same relief that oil of cloves will yield.”

Salt and pepper. Both ingredients contain antibacterial properties. The mixing equal amount of pepper and salt, adding a few drops of water and applying the paste to the affected tooth will relieve the pain. The exercise could be conducted for several days for the better result.

Warm salt water. Adding salt to warm water is one of the best recommended for a toothache which has been traditionally been in place. The salt water “draws” fluid from the tissues of the affected area and reduces pressure on nerve endings.

Note: putting aspirin on the gum of the affected tooth is discouraged since it causes harm to the soft tissues, according to Dr. Michael Sinkin, “Many people believe that placing an aspirin on the gum of the affected tooth is a good way to relieve tooth pain. Don’t do it! Aspirin is an acid and it will burn your gum. (You’d be surprised by how many people I have seen over the years who have tried this only to have caused harm to their soft tissue.)”

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