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10 major reasons why people fail to lose weight and maintain a good shape


People admire perfect shaped body and constant workouts will give the best result. Accumulated fat not only remain unhealthy but also betrays the body physique. These are the reasons why many people fail to lose weight after embarking on a weight loss program:

1) Impractical goals set may not provide the best result in shedding weight. For instance, planning to lose 50kgs in a week is not attainable. What happens is that, after a short period of struggling, a person will likely lose patience leading to failure to continue the journey. Weight loss is a gradual change just like weight gain. If you tried in losing weight and failed, next time, take ample time –  months or years.

2) Believing in weight loss pills and supplements will likely not produce the best result. Regular exercise and strict diet are the foolproof in doing away with excess body weight. Due to laziness and fancy shortcuts is the reason why people fail.

3) Lack of persistence in weight loss schedule may hinder the process of losing weight effectively. If it involves continuing for weeks, months or even years, it should be followed strictly. For instance, exercising for 5 days a week throughout can be cut short, after a few weeks, delaying the journey.

4) Procrastination, they say is a deficit of time. This usually happens to the majority of overweight individuals. You develop a well-considered weight loss plan but the hurdle is when to start; as you are always postponing it for the future. Tomorrow never comes, implement the plan today!

5) Not understanding the health complications of obesity is a major reason why people fail in losing weight. Overweight or obesity kills millions of people globally. If only obese persons could know the consequence, they could probably keep the mantle burning of losing weight. According to World Health Organization, over 600 million people were obese by 2014 and more 1.9 billion adults were overweight.

6) Confusion on the best method of losing weight prevents many people from losing significant weight. Commonly, there are numerous ways of losing weight but if you are a jack of all trades and master of none, nothing will happen. Simple, stick to one method rather than trying different ones that will become difficult in the long run- the effect may be insignificant. If it is diet, let it be!

7) Skipping meals is not the best alternative. No wonder many people fail the whole idea of weight loss after a few days or weeks. Going without food or skipping meals will enhance pangs of hunger leading to consumption of junk food. Health experts recommend having 3 meals per day to effectively activate metabolism, thus you can easily and gradually lose some weight.

8) Lack of planned exercise. You have been watching workout videos online and the urge of losing weight faster carried you away. The next day you begin doing most of the exercise – some are obviously harder. Unfortunately, your muscles are not accustomed to it, so you end getting tired of the whole thing.  Commence with the easiest workouts and proceed to do hard-intensity weight loss exercise to produce maximum results.

9) Frequent scaling of weight is not recommended. People feel internal conflict when significant weight loss is not recorded on the scale. After doing high-intensity exercise, you end up on the scale more often than exercising. You need motivation and frequenting the weighing scale discourage you. Not knowing your weight loss measurement is true for the opposite. Understanding the result is part of the weight loss goal.

10) Lack of motivation and support from friends, families or even partners. As a gym attendant explained clearly, having a partner to accompany you to the gym is important. Such person will encourage you to hit the gym constantly. Waking up in the early cold morning alone will not go well with the warmth of the blanket – in this case, you need a motivator, no wonder many people fail going to the gym after a few days or weeks.



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