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Working mothers will likely have fatter children, studies claim


Are you a working mother who rarely get time to investigate the eating habits of your kids? Woe unto you! If you don’t have a third eye on your children’s healthy living since the parental environment is significant for the growth and development of any child.

Children of working mothers are more likely to be overweight than other youngsters- whose mothers are housewives, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, suggests.
The study reveals the existence of strong evidence relating the two trends – working moms and childhood obesity. Additionally, through support, does the next generation could be saved.

A previous comparative study published in the journal Child Development found that factors such as kids from well-off households coming from school eating unhealthy snacks while watching television, busy mothers who couldn’t assemble healthy foods for their children, families eating dinner from restaurants instead of home-cooked food and less sleeping habits by children could contribute to obesity.

Since the 1970s, childhood obesity has doubled worldwide and by 2014, there were over 200 million overweight children across the globe.

Danish researchers said that kids may eat more junk food as opposed to home-cooked foods, exercise less and suffer from a lack of sleep.

On the same vein, the study stressed the solution isn’t stopping mothers from working but to offer them more support.

On the same backdrop of working mothers, some of the addressed tribulations consuming mother’s time include long working hours, shifts in working times and traveling time between the working places and home – sometimes this takes more than anticipated.

Economist Wencke Gwozdz, Copenhagen Business School, who reviewed research on maternal employment and childhood obesity across the world, said women who spend lots of time at work may have less time to spend shopping for food and cooking for their children.

“This high prevalence is concerning because of obesity’s harmful effects on children’s emotional and physical health and the high likelihood that childhood obesity will transmit into adulthood. Childhood obesity is associated with an elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and lower life expectancy, even when formerly obese children lose weight in adulthood”, adds Dr. Gwozdz

Without mothers diet regulation, a child will likely develop a poor eating habit like overeating and lack of quality meals affects children’s healthy life. Children of mothers who work shifts were reported to have less sleep than those children whose mothers stay at home.

The researcher said: ‘Out-of-home meals are generally linked to a higher risk of childhood obesity because they are often high in fat, sugar, and salt.’

For the working moms out there, ensure your kids eat the right food and sleeps well as the buck stops with you.

Additional reporting attributed to Daily Mail.


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