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If you want lose weight faster, these five fruits shouldn’t be part of your regular diet.


What do you think is holding you back from losing weight? Everyone wants a sexy body shape, right? For a woman, strong curves and a flat belly will get you those lovely winks on the street.

For a man, lean muscles and a confident walking style will ignite her admiration. The whole point is you need be fit! There are so many dietary programs out there to help you lose weight.

There is no doubt that most fruits are a good source of nutrients, but a good number of them should be avoided for maximum results. Regarding the sugary and fat content, these fruits provide, our argument emanates from the background of the sugary content delays shedding of weight by simply storing such content as body fat.

Therefore, if you want to magnify your chances of getting slim, try to reduce the intake of these five fruits.

  1. Avocados

Avocados are a good source of fats. This should be your number one on the list of the fruits to avoid for weight loss. As you understand very well, trying to avoid extra sources of fats will offer the best results in your program.

Despite being pleasant to eat, it is advisable to avoid avocados for a particular period of time until you shake off some pounds. Once in a while, you can have a bite but think about the long-term plan.

  1. Mangoes

Mangoes are very sweet fruits. They provide your body with large amounts of sugars and vitamins, which serve well to energize you. The problem with mangoes in weight loss is that due to their sweet nature, one is tempted to consume large amounts.

From basic knowledge, excess carbohydrates are converted and stored as fats. These fats are then deposited in different parts of the body enabling weight gain in the long run.

The best way to utilize mangoes is to consume them in smaller amounts and avoid the temptation of eating so many of them as this will drain your weight loss efforts.

  1. Bananas

Very few people would disagree on the sweetness of bananas. Most of us use them on a daily basis. Bananas are a good source of some simple fats together with large amounts of sugar.

We saw earlier that the best way to get maximum results is by avoiding food elements that easily provide fats and sugars. Though it is difficult to part with the sweetness of bananas for some time, it will prove to be very vital in this case.

  1. Sweet corn

Of course you expected this to be on the list of fruits to avoid for weight loss. Even the name suggests this it’s very sweet and thus supplies your body with large amounts of calories. In losing weight, one is simply burning fats and calories.

What will be the essence of consuming sweet corns only to end up struggling to eliminate its components afterward? To keep you on alert mode, most nutritionists claim that this fruit offers six times calories more than spinach.

  1. Peas

Here is another fruit you need to think about. Peas directly offer sugars in the body. These sugars are indeed good for energy production. When supplied in excess, they are converted into fat and stored in various parts of your body.

It is therefore, wise of you to avoid consuming them. The simple rule is to do away with those that taste sweeter and contain fats. There is no doubt that fruits are a vital in providing vitamins, carbohydrates and even mineral to the body.

At the same, it is very important to stay fit and healthy all the time. If you cannot stop consuming these fruits, the best ways is perchance to control the level of consumption.



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