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Beware of the risks that come with colorful tattoos


As the fans of tattoos increase, you may have  been thinking of getting one, but have you thought of the possible health consequneces?  Remember a tattoo is a permanent mark on the skin which is formed by injectuing coloured ink underneath the skin surface.

A recent study conducted on tattoo reveals  that 1 in every 10 people who undergo the tattooing process will likely suffer from health complications.

The health complications associated with tattooing the skin range from those caused by the use of unsterilized needles and the impact that the ink has on the skin. It is important to understand some of these risks before decidng on geting a tattoo.

Health dangers of putting tattoos

Infections. This could be the work of dirty needless and contaminated ink that is injected underneath the skin.  Diseases like Hepatitis and HIV can be transmitted from an infected person.

Allergy. The pigments used in the tattooing process vary in colour- red, blue, black and green can cause allergic reactions in the inform of rashes, itching.

Blood-borne disease such as hepatitis B and tetanus will likely be caused when the skin bleeds. Such ailments cost lives.

Pain. When the skin is injected with a needle, it hurts until the healing process is complete.

Apart from health issues, tattooing is expensive. In Kenya, depending on the size and complexity, it goes from $3 (kshs2,500) to $1000 (kshs 100,000). Cleaning the scars caused by a tattoo that has gone wrong is more expensive since there are few medical experts who are specialized in tattoo treatment.


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